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PP/PE/ABS/PS Rigid plastic recycling washing machine

Materials able to handle:

Size Reduction Unit:

-High throughput;

-Enclosed cutting chamber to prevent materials flying out;

-Cutting chamber and bearings are water proof version for wet processing of the crusher;

-Heavy duty type rack, hydraulic drive for hopper opening. Easy for blades maintain;

-Importing high quality blades with Europe design, good performance for grinding.

Cleaning unit:

-Modular design and integrated installation for cleaning tank and friction washer;

-Easy exchange of elements;

-Heavy duty washing, separation of different specific densities material;

-Longer lifetime of downstream machines;

-Effective cleaning with cold water, Automatic self-cleaning function;

-Screen basket design and thick up to material, Easy replacement of screens;

-Upward water flow in the discharge area in order to minimize the loss.

Drying unit:

-Horizontal high efficient designed centrifugal dryer;

-Screens can be easily exchanged;

-Rotor with exchangeable blades, Blades with wear resistant layers;

-Motor drive foldable cover, easy and quick to open, Integrated lifting device;

-Automatic control dirty water and material discharge to collection tank.

-High throughput with low humidity content less than 2%;

Control unit:

-Auto PLC control system;

-Auto warming system;

-Module control system;

-Data monitoring and analysis;

-Safety interlock principle applied in the system;

Technical data:

Model ACX/W-1000R ACX/W-2000R
Output Capacity 1000kg/h 2000kg/h
Installed power 216kw 263kw
Working power 140kw 171kw
Water consumption 1-2t/h 2-3t/h
Moisture of product 2% 2%
Operation staff 3-4 3-4
Dimension(M) 30*6*5.5 30*6*5.5