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Aceextech machinery marketing world
A world-class manufacturer of plastic recycling machines

Aceextech 300 plastic machinery has been operating continuously over 45 countries all over the world.

After 20 years of rich experience in design and manufacturing, after three generations of technological innovation and evolution, CISCO machinery has become the pioneer of the global recycling machinery manufacturer. It has continued to pay attention to the market pulsation, and its marketing performance with customers has spread throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the United States market.

Recycling Machine
Single Screw Pelletizing Line


100mm single screw extruder with hopper feeding system and water ring pelletizing system to process grinded HDPE pipe flakes with reach 350kg capacity to Chile customer

Agp Heavy Duty Crusher


Feeding opening with 1600mm, the output is more than 800kg/h, mainly used in crushing HDPE/PP/ABS/HIPS pallet, sheet, panel, board parts and PVC/Nylon/PE/ABS Freezer cover , etc...

Agh Heavy Duty Crusher


Feeding opening 1600mm, the output is more than 2000kg/h, mainly used in crushing HDPE/PP/ABS/HIPS tray, sheet, injection parts, etc...

Film Compacting And Water Ring pelletiz machine


In-house waste from blown film, cast film and bag making production, in the form of rolls, cut-offs, scraps could be recycled in this compacting, extrusion and pelletizing process. Will get high quality and uniform size final granules which could be reuse back into the film producing line.

PE Film Pelletizing Line With Compactor


Professional recycler for plastic film recycling, Who have the washing plant for waste film crushing washing and drying process. Choosing Aceextech double stage recycling pelletizing machine to get the high quality pellets.

Pp Woven Fabric Recycling Plant


The biggest PP woven bag and jumbo bag manufacturer in Serbia who have post-industrial PP woven bag and woven fabric waste. Thanks to advanced technology compacting pelletizing system, the recycled PP pellets have the property same like virgin.

Agricultural waste film recycling washing project

South America 

Agricultural film is heavy dirty waste which need more professional recycling pant. The shredder and crusher as size reduction unit could ensure the input capacity. The separation tank and friction washer could clean the film effectively. A centrifugal dryer or squeezing dryer as drying unit could get clean and dried output film scraps.

Post-Consumer Plastic Recycling Washing Project


Post-consumer plastic waste pollution is a headache problem in worldwide. Aceextech are devoted to develop the best solution for plastic recycling. Such as PP/PE film, bags, HDPE bottle, drum, hollow container, PP chairs, WEEE ABS/PS etc recycling system.

Waste Pp Woven Bag Recycling Washing Plant


PP woven bag especially PP jumbo bag is very hard material. It required a very strong heavy duty shredder machine as size reduction unit to ensure the high input and stable running. And the high efficiency squeezing dryer could get the final products with moisture max to 7%.

Extrusion Machine
Hdpe Pipe Extrusion Line


Based on 33D series extrusion line, we developed 38D series, which are widely applicable to kinds of polyolefin(e.g HDPE, LDPE, PERT, PP, PPB, PPH, PP-R, PS pipe production).

Our machines are capable of producing pipe diameter up to 1600mm, thickness up to 133mm

Pvc Sheet Extrusion Line


It is mainly used for extruding PVC soft and hard transparent sheet material with a width of 800mm and a thickness of 0.3-1.0mm. The whole line is equipped with the thickness detector imported from Europe , which ensures the production accuracy of products.

Pvc Pipe Extrusion Machine

Dominican Republic 

Diameters from 20-110mm that belling machine with U type socket include; Double die head with 400kg/h maximum capacity; Apply to water drainage.

Pvc Roof Tile Prodution Line


A/B/C type three and foam core layer with excellent sound, heat insulation; Thickness from 2.0-3.0mm, and 900mm width; Turn-key factory solution include formula, factory & machine layout, production guide, free training etc.

Pvc Bamboo Tile Extrusion Line


ASA/PMMA coated two layers with excellent working life over 20years; Eco bamboo type with 880mm width and 1.8-2.2mm adjustable thickness; Turn-key factory solution include formula, factory & machine layout, production guide, free training etc.

Pvc Profile Extrusion Machine


Angle bead application; Six cavity die head; Turn-key factory solution include formula, factory & machine layout, production guide, free training etc.